Dragon's Prophet features 2 areas where you will be able to start your adventure:


Type: Water/Forest

Satuma is located in Mangard which forms the western part of Auratia. It is a large basin plains surrounded by a mountain range known as the Sucellos Mountain Range. It is the lowest-lying area in the whole of Mangard. The Sucellos Mountains stretch across the whole of Mangard and they were also where part of the First Dragon War was fought in Satuma. These events have caused the terrain to undergo subsidence, eventually creating a natural confluence of all the main rivers in Mangard, and also forming a famous miracle of nature: the Kylar Abyss.


Type: Canyon/Forest

Bakra is located in the northern portion of the Auratian continent Glumar and was one of the main battlefields during the First Dragon War. Its terrain is similar to that of the other continents, with plains and plateaus surrounded by mountain ranges. However, many regions were devastated when the two dragons "Silver Thunder" Fernbyth and "Red Flame" Methus had a spectacular battle there. The clash of their powerful elemental forces almost shattered this continent to pieces and created gaps and deep, narrow gorges with huge waterfalls.