Sorcerers are ranged magical casters in the game with great variety of AoE skills on their use.


Play StyleEdit

Sorcerers is one of the four classes available in the game. Using magical attacks to deal lots of damage upon their foes, often from a distance, the sorcerer is often out of harm's way especially when fighting alongside others. They have the ability to paralyze their enemies, which will provide useful in crowded situations, and have a considerably high DPS, compared to some other classes. 

Base Stats


Strenght 9
Constitution 15


Intelligence 24
Focus 12
Charisma 21
Dragon Affinity 24


Sorcerers will advance with elemental skill which mainly focus on paralyzing their enemies or buffing themselves, or then with the "Dragon words", which will increase the sorcerers combat skills.


Sorcerers use staffs as their weapons and protects themselves with cloth armor.

Gameplay video of Sorcerer skills:Edit

《群龍默示錄》Dragon's Prophet 職業展示影片 龍息術師 Sorcerer

《群龍默示錄》Dragon's Prophet 職業展示影片 龍息術師 Sorcerer

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