Dragon skills 

Drake introduction

Drake's roleThe Dragoon contract processThe basic operation of the DragoonDrake skillsDrake skillsDragon Soul skill   players relationship can be said that the skills of the Dragon Soul Dragon Soul skill Although Drake, but the user is the player itself. Dragon Soul skills are a variety of types, can sometimes enhance their own ability to attack; or increase their own type of attack outside; may even bring the defense or the ability of the treatment.  The dragon shed Drake Dragon Soul has skills players can use, but can only be configured 5 Dragon Soul skills on the Shortcut Bar. So in addition to the collection, how to configure these skills to Dragon Soul Dragon Soul skills in their best interest to try to think of ways in response to a variety of situations, but also players in the policy application focus.

2 skill that   Drake skill that most of the production, acquisition activities, as long as the contract to have the skill that Drake, players can take advantage of the scheduling of the dragon nest driven Drake to mining, logging, etc. ... behavior .

3 fighting skills   Drake fighting skills, in the course of the fighting dragon beast summoned by Drake used randomly. Therefore, with the more powerful fighting skills Drake, are called to higher efficiency. Drake's fighting skills can also be subdivided into the following types:

Category Content
Thump Gathering strength to combat the type of skills, higher skill damage
Assault Rapid and continuous offensive skills, skills mostly higher crit rate
Angry burst A wide range of attacks and auxiliary skills mostly mocking type or defensive type of effect skills
Tear Damage is low, but sustained DOT skills, as well as destruction of Armor effect more
Element Attacks with elemental magic effect attack with complementary skills
Draconic With the skills to weaken the enemy effect, as well as groups of secondary effects skills

4 riding skills   such skills can be used only when riding the Drake, players can see these skills in the vehicle interface.