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"Dragon’s Prophet is an Online Role-Playing Game which features all virtues of a classic MMORPG and “evolutionizes” them. Dragon’s Prophet brings you an epic story in a modern fantasy world, with immense dragon features and next-gen elements like action-based combat and the extensive cross-server Frontier PvP system.

Embark on an epic journey as a dragon rider, trainer and fighter. Fulfill the prophecy and become the Dragon’s Prophet!"

Welcome to the DP-EU wiki!

General policy of capturing dragons: Capture of Wild Ancient Dragon Policy

Most of the content on this page is still under construction. Please feel free to help bring this page up to date, or ask the editors of the side to make the contribution. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Frankie82

Everything what you are going to see here have been gathered from the Taiwanese/Chinese, European and North-American Dragons Prophet videos and announcements.

Dragon's Prophet EU - Announcement trailer-0

Dragon's Prophet EU - Announcement trailer-0

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