Dragons Prophet currently has six available crafts in the game, which are the following:


Crafting Materials

Players can train their crafting skills, to create weapons(Weaponsmith), armor(Armorsmith), furniture(Carpentry), food(Cooking), potions of sorts(Alchemy) and improving things(Tinkering). This is a good alternative to purchasing goods from the merchants in the game, as often most of these craftable items are made using only a few materials. 

Players are introduced to these crafts early in the game. The levels of each craft starts at Level 1, and by refining or creating items, craft experience will be gained. Each craft demands particular types of materials, however there are some materials shared amongst these crafts.

Along the way, players may encounter certain items called Recipes, which can be learnt by the player(simply by opening the backpack, and right-clicking the recipe in the inventory slot). These recipes teaches players how to create different types of items.

So far we have managed to find info on alchemy and armorsmithing. More will be coming when we will find the some details for those.