Please note that if you don't have Seeker Dragon in your Compendium Book, the list will be offset by one.

# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Seeker Dragon Icon ~ Seeker Dragon Marketplace Russian Exlusive
2 Spiked Razorback Dragon Icon 11 Spiked Razorback Dragon Puretia West Parsing Woods
3 Agile Plainstrider Dragon Icon Agile Plainstrider Dragon Wynnadia
4 Flecked Raptor Dragon Icon Flecked Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
5 Bloodcrown Raptor Dragon Icon Bloodcrown Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
6 Greenscale Raptor Dragon Icon Greenscale Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
7 Screaming Raptor Dragon Icon Screaming Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
8 Crowned Spikeback Dragon Icon Crowned Spikeback Dragon Laedis
9 Frilled Sunsail Dragon Icon Frilled Sunsail Dragon Laedis
10 Neurotic Skitterbeak Dragon Icon Neurotic Skitterbeak Dragon Laedis
11 Slinking Shadowback Dragon Icon Slinking Shadowback Dragon Laedis
12 Swift Sodscale Dragon Icon Swift Sodscale Dragon Laedis
13 Skitter Icon 35 Skitter Laedis
14 Seething Impcrown Dragon Icon 38 Seething Impcrown Dragon Laedis
15 Frilled Duskstrider Dragon Icon Frilled Duskstrider Dragon Laedis
16 Violent Impcrown Dragon Icon 38 Violent Impcrown Dragon Laedis Gaesis' Roost
17 Noble Swiftfoot Dragon Icon Noble Swiftfoot Dragon Korhala
18 Arid Spikehorn Dragon Icon Arid Spikehorn Dragon Korhala
19 Inferno Icon 38 Inferno Laedis Gaesis' Roost
20 Wandering Snowneck Dragon Icon Wandering Snowneck Dragon Inartia Artenne Ruins
21 Blood Rage Elegant Dragon Icon Blood Rage Elegant Dragon Wintertide Yodrak's Thunder
22 Bloodwrath Icon Bloodwrath Bakra Flute
23 Dragon Icon Corrupted Knight
24 Frostspike Raptor Dragon Icon Frostspike Raptor Dragon Wintertide
25 Demented Fategazer Dragon Icon Demented Fategazer Dragon Laedis
26 Mottled Impcrown Dragon Icon 38 Mottled Impcrown Dragon Laedis Gaesis' Roost
27 Razorfang Raptor Dragon Icon Razorfang Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
28 Highland Swiftfoot Dragon Icon Highland Swiftfoot Dragon Bakra Flute
29 Nightwind Icon Nightwind Bakra Flute
30 Crow Bone Icon Crow Bone Satuma Flute
31 Kanze Bloodbone Dragon Icon Kanze Bloodbone Dragon Satuma Flute
32 Vicious Raptor Dragon Icon Vicious Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
33 Savage Raptor Dragon Icon Savage Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
34 Swift Fernscale Dragon Icon Swift Fernscale Dragon Inartia
35 Tamed Whitenecked Elegant Dragon Icon Tamed Whitenecked Elegant Dragon Wintertide
36 Charcoal Dustrunner Dragon Icon Charcoal Dustrunner Dragon Alentia
37 Clever Firuza Icon Clever Firuza Inartia
38 Swift Marshjumper Dragon Icon 19 Swift Marshjumper Dragon Puretia Lake Krent
39 Mosshorn Raptor Dragon Icon Mosshorn Raptor Dragon Sky Islands
40 Spirited Swiftfoot Dragon Icon Spirited Swiftfoot Dragon Sky Islands
41 Creeping Smokescale Dragon Icon Creeping Smokescale Dragon Sky Islands
42 Silver Bladeskin Dragon Icon Silver Bladeskin Dragon Sky Islands
43 Burnt Shadows Icon ~ Burnt Shadows Marketplace Egg
44 Zartin Impcrown Dragon Icon Zartin Impcrown Dragon Olandra
45 Red Horn Icon Red Horn Olandra
46 Puny Flecked Raptor Dragon Icon Puny Flecked Raptor Dragon Bakra Flute
47 Frostbiter Icon ~ Frostbiter Marketplace Egg
48 Skitter Claws Icon ~ Skitter Claws Marketplace Egg
49 Trihorn Browncrown Dragon Icon 96 Trihorn Browncrown Dragon Porthis
50 Skitterbunny Icon ~ Skitterbunny Marketplace Egg
51 Painted Skitter Icon ~ Painted Skitter Marketplace Egg
52 Bright Spiked Dragon Icon ~ Bright Spiked Dragon Dragon Tournament Egg
53 Thunderbolt Rustwind Dragon Icon Thunderbolt Rustwind Dragon Thadrea Hootwind Forest
54 Windrider Blade Icon ~ Windrider Blade Marketplace Egg
55 Paleonight Zakaran Icon ~ Paleonight Zakaran Marketplace Egg
56 Wishmoon Icon ~ Wishmoon Marketplace Egg
57 Dragon Icon
58 Dragon Icon
59 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Marketplace Egg

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