Please note that if you don't have Thistlewhip in your Compendium Book, the list will be offset by one.

# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Thistlewhip Icon ~ Thistlewhip Marketplace Egg
2 Verdant Predator Dragon Icon 9 Verdant Predator Dragon Puretia Norklanth Forest
3 Scarlet-tinged Amethyst Dragon Icon 7 Scarlet-tinged Amethyst Dragon Puretia Consus Cave
4 Carnivorous Ash Rock Dragon Icon 7 Carnivorous Ash Rock Dragon Puretia Consus Cave
5 Opulent Rootwing Dragon Icon Opulent Rootwing Dragon Bakra Draconic Flute
6 Crimson Blackblood Dragon Icon 37 Crimson Blackblood Dragon Laedis East Mount Longra
7 Bloodthistle Predator Dragon Icon 36 Bloodthistle Predator Dragon Laedis West Mount Longra
8 Horned Fernwing Dragon Icon Horned Fernwing Dragon Laedis East Mount Longra
9 Gaunt Leatherwing Dragon Icon 60 Gaunt Leatherwing Dragon Laedis
10 Crimson Cockatrice Dragon Icon Crimson Cockatrice Dragon Laedis Skywo Plains
11 Tenebrous Talonrake Dragon Icon Tenebrous Talonrake Dragon Laedis
12 Horned Specklewing Dragon Icon Horned Specklewing Dragon Laedis Aryna's Lair
13 Imposing Preygorge Dragon Icon Imposing Preygorge Dragon Wynnadia
14 Raging Storm Icon 10 Raging Storm Puretia Consus Cave
15 Stargazer Icon Stargazer Satuma Draconic Flute
16 Autumn Wind Icon Autumn Wind Wynnadia Well of Prophecy
17 Horned Specklewing Dragon Bakra Icon Horned Summerwing Dragon Bakra Draconic Flute
18 Floating Lotus Dragon Icon Floating Lotus Dragon Satuma Draconic Flute
19 Dancing Lotus Dragon Icon Dancing Lotus Dragon Satuma Draconic Flute
20 Jade Predator Dragon Icon Jade Predator Dragon Satuma Draconic Flute
21 Earthen Stonewing Dragon Icon 20 Earthen Stonewing Dragon Puretia Lake Krent
22 Empyrean Lotus Dragon Icon Empyrean Lotus Dragon Wynnadia Forest of the Forlorn
23 Brimstone Icon Brimstone Laedis Skywo Plains
24 Cursebone Predator Dragon Icon Cursebone Predator Dragon Korhala Deyarka Tunnel
25 Aurora Frostplume Dragon Icon Aurora Frostplume Dragon Wintertide Lynor Lake
26 Drifting Lotus Dragon Icon Drifting Lotus Dragon Bakra Draconic Flute
27 Dusktalon Icon Dusktalon Wintertide Lynor Lake
28 Volcanic Talonrake Dragon Inartia Icon Lavablood Dragon Inartia
29 Firebrand IconFirebrand2 Icon Firebrand Alentia Bloodstone Stronghold
30 Predatory Ashwind Dragon Icon Predatory Ashwind Dragon Alentia
31 Volcanic Talonrake Dragon Alentia Icon Volcanic Talonrake Dragon Alentia
32 Wandering Lotus Dragon Icon 12 Wandering Lotus Dragon Puretia Craig Valley
33 Nightslayer Predator Dragon Icon Nightslayer Predator Dragon Sky Islands Baerton Ridgecrest Isle
34 Skywind Predator Dragon Icon Skywind Predator Dragon Sky Islands Baerton Ridgecrest Isle
35 Ruby Cockatrice Dragon Icon Ruby Cockatrice Dragon Sky Islands
36 Nightstalker Cockatrice Dragon Icon Nightstalker Cockatrice Dragon Sky Islands
37 Monarch Dragon Icon ~ Monarch Dragon Marketplace Egg
38 Crystalline Chaos Dragon Icon ~ Crystalline Chaos Dragon Marketplace Egg
39 Silverthorn Icon Silverthorn Inartia
40 Skyhammer Patriarch Icon Skyhammer Patriarch
41 Crimson Blackblood Dragon King Icon Crimson Blackblood Dragon King Laedis
42 Ironwing Dragon Icon Ironwing Dragon Olandra
43 Crimson Ironwing Dragon Icon Crimson Ironwing Dragon Olandra
44 Redwing Dragon Icon ~ Redwing Dragon Marketplace Egg
45 Azure Snow Icon ~ Azure Snow Marketplace Egg
46 Azure Moon Icon ~ Azure Moon Marketplace Egg
47 Tamed Verdant Predator Dragon Icon 5 Tamed Verdant Predator Dragon Puretia Norklanth Forest
48 Steel Demon Icon ~ Steel Demon Marketplace Egg
49 Petrified Skytouched Dragon Icon Petrified Skytouched Dragon Porthis
50 Skyhammer Patriarch Icon Skyhammer Patriarch
51 Gnarlhorn Icon ~ Gnarlhorn Marketplace Egg
52 Painez Greenscale Skytouched Dragon Icon Painez Greenscale Skytouched Dragon Porthis
53 Flying Rock Icon Flying Rock Porthis
54 Hammerhead Icon Hammerhead Column of the Prophet
55 Brilliant Blaze Icon ~ Brilliant Blaze Dragon Tournament Egg
56 Radiant Sunset Icon ~ Radiant Sunset Marketplace Egg
57 Cerulean Zephyr Icon ~ Cerulean Zephyr Marketplace Egg
58 Ashen Whisper Icon ~ Ashen Whisper Marketplace Egg
59 Charred Crystal Icon ~ Charred Crystal Marketplace Egg
60 Explicit Violet Icon ~ Explicit Violet Marketplace Egg
61 Highland Horned Dragon Icon Highland Horned Dragon Thadrea
62 Scavenging Spearcrown Dragon Icon Scavenging Spearcrown Dragon Thadrea
63 Night Queen Icon Night Queen Thadrea Tonapah Tomb
64 Brasten Yami Icon Brasten Yami Auratia Laedis Academy
65 Utyon Icon ~ Utyon Marketplace Egg

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