Slick fast running dragons.

# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Slithering Wynnadia Dragon Icon 45 Slithering Wynnadia Dragon Wynnadia Forest of the Forlorn
2 Captured Wynnadia Dragon Icon 46 Captured Wynnadia Dragon Wynnadia Nameless Keep
3 Corrupted Wynnadia Dragon Icon 46 Corrupted Wynnadia Dragon Wynnadia Nameless Keep
4 Thornlash Icon 25 Thornlash Satuma Flute
5 Blinktail Icon 46 Blinktail Wynnadia Nameless Keep
6 Iciclaws Icon 75 Iciclaws Inartia Mytia Mighlands
7 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Icon 77 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Inartia Veilar Grotto
8 Slinking Wasteland Dragon Icon 88 Slinking Wasteland Dragon Alentia Bloodstone Mountain Pass
9 Burrowhead Thrashtail Dragon Icon Burrowhead Thrashtail Dragon Sky Islands
10 Thorned Basilisk Dragon Icon Thorned Basilisk Dragon Sky Islands
11 Skulking Cobaltfang Dragon Icon 82 Skulking Cobaltfang Dragon Alentia Barlam's Lair
12 Crystal Tooth Dragon Icon 83 Crystal Tooth Dragon Alentia Barlam's Lair
13 Jungle Razorspine Dragon Icon 95 Jungle Razorspine Dragon Porthis Fenrir Forest
14 Anchor Soul Icon 95 Anchor Soul Porthis Bladeguard Underpass
15 Red Lotus Icon ~ Red Lotus Marketplace Egg
16 Wasteland Razorspine Dragon Icon Wasteland Razorspine Dragon Thadrea
17 Poison Shredder Icon ~ Poison Shredder Marketplace Egg
18 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Shadow Shredder Marketplace Egg
19 Stone Shredder Icon ~ Stone Shredder Marketplace Egg
20 Dragon Marked Icon ~ Sulphur Shredder Marketplace Egg
21 Rockbone Assault Dragon Icon ~ Rockbone Assault Dragon
22 Skeleton Lord Icon Skeleton Lord
23 Dragon Icon
24 Dragon Icon

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