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We already have a list of Dragons on Wikia, however there seems to be no mention of Egg Circles.

With your egg you get a percentage (%) of which type of dragon will hatch, with this blue egg i have a 30% chance of getting either of the blue dragons inside or a 70% chance for the green dragon. By using the Green (rarity) remover i have been able to remove any dragon i don't want, this is also possible

with Blue, Purple remover's. However you are unable to take all of one colour away hence why the green dragon is still in the incubator. It is also a good idea to befriend people, visit their homes to care for their eggs even go to Artecia & care for the eggs in the circle. Dust is also given when caring for another's egg so far it seems to be random, a green egg care could give you a purple rarity remover or purple dust.

Why use a egg Circle?

1. Your's and other's care of your egg will raise the % of the dragon you really want (no one want's a dragon nursery full of one breed)

2. Clicking on other people's egg will begin to build your stock of removal tools and dust, definetly coveted items when you nursery is beginning to fill from all breeds & you just want certain ones to complete your dragon compedium)

3. You can AFK (not before you hugged those other eggs in the circle tho :)) leaving players to click on your egg for rewards as they fly in or out of Artecia.


Best egg circles are always on Channel 1,

You can remove dragons throughout the incubation period, I learnt with this egg not to remove all my unwanted dragons in one go, why? well to release another dragon at the time shown in the picture would have given me a little more time to build up the % of a blue dragon, possibly 2 days. ahh well we live & learn.

There is a limit of 100 eggs that you can care for in a day. Padlina a friend of mine always has 100 eggs in her secret apartment, so a quick visit on a busy day is a time saver. Do note however that you can still care for anothers egg but will not recieve a reward so be a good soul still hug their egg it helps them.

Lastly the time next to the blue egg is showing hours & minutes this means it will hatch in less then 24 hours.


If i missed something send me a message, enjoy DP.

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