Most Dunestalker dragons has adapted to live in the harsh desert. Although rarely far from water. They are agile and fast swimmers.

# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Boneback Icon Boneback Porthis Tyre Lake
2 Arid Sandstalker Dragon Icon 58 Arid Sandstalker Dragon Korhala Aymori Caves
3 Arid Dunestalker Dragon Icon 58 Arid Dunestalker Dragon Korhala Yermizaar Sands
4 Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon Inartia Icon 72 Marbled Rust Inartia Arjak Caves
5 Typhoon Icon 58 Typhoon Korhala Aymori Sands
6 Webbed Moonshadow Dragon Icon Webbed Moonshadow Dragon Alentia Luna Forest
7 Rippleridge Tidewalker Dragon Icon 39-41 Rippleridge Tidewalker Dragon Sky Islands Baerton Ridgecrest Isle
8 Bluefin Thresher Dragon Icon Bluefin Thresher Dragon Porthis Tyre Lake
9 Yellowfin Thresher Dragon Icon Yellowfin Thresher Dragon Porthis Tyre Lake
10 Woodland River Thresher Dragon Icon Woodland River Thresher Dragon Thadrea Tonapah Woodland
11 Rhino Horn icon Rhino Horn Column of the Prophet
12 Dragon Icon

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