In Dragon's Prophet the armor has 3 flavors wearable by the 4 classes:

  1. Heavy Armor: A plate armor focused on damage mitigation as opposed to agility. Wearable only by Guardian.
  2. Light Armor: A chain or leather armor wearable by Rangers. It has a good balance between agility and mitigation. Guardians may also wear this armor, at their own loss.
  3. Cloth: More like clothing, this armor shields only the minor impacts, but is often infused with magic resisting agents. Wearable by Oracle and Sorcerer, allthough the other 2 classes may choose to do so as well.

Note that the cloak is always a piece of cloth, providing minor shielding but granting a variety of statistics to the wearer. A cloak is also not considered part of an armor, even though every set has a matching (subject to taste) cloak.

Armor Sets Edit

All armor is technically part of a set, but some sets are special and require time and effort to obtain. The main quest line gives out purple sets up to and including Korhala. From that point on, they will only provide you with a weapon and purple armor sets are available through the process described below.

Green and normal armor sets Edit

These are often available from merchant in one form or another. Design is repeated for some of the backstory quests and some sets hard to obtain from drops are available later as recipe or from armor shops. This has aggrevated many avid collector.

Blue Armor Sets Edit

Every final dungeon in a zone from Laedis up to and including Korhala, has a number of Blue rarity armor sets, that also give a set bonus at 2 and 4 pieces worn. The bonus will remain identical, even if you are scaling up the dungeon, but the stats of the armor itself will scale to level.

Purple+ Armor Sets Edit

From Wintertide onwards, these sets are the replacement for the pieces that the main quest line offers and require a bit of crafting to complete. Ingredients for these Processed Products will only drop if the party has at least three people.

Naming conventions Edit

Like most items in Dragon's Prophet, the system uses a cookie cutter to create names (and also stats). This follows the following scheme:

  1. Level adjective: each level has a different adjactive. Level 105's is clever for example.
  2. Set name: this is the actual name of the set and can be one to three words. Example: Incantation.
  3. Armor piece designation: like, bandana for a head piece.

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