Large reptile dragons that live in or near water. Not as fast on land as its dragon brethren, but unmatched in the water.

# Icon Level Name Zone Region
1 Thornscale Aqua Dragon Icon 19 Thornscale Aqua Dragon Puretia Lake Krent
2 Crooked Tooth Icon 19 Crooked Tooth Puretia Lake Krent (South)
3 Bloodwater Aqua Dragon Icon Bloodwater Aqua Dragon Puretia
4 Blood Fin Icon Blood Fin Puretia
5 Hunchback Deathsnapper Dragon Icon Hunchback Deathsnapper Dragon Bakra Flute
6 Silent Enmity Icon Silent Enmity Laedis
7 Intrepid Umberhusk Dragon Icon Intrepid Umberhusk Dragon Laedis
8 Sapphire Undertow Dragon Icon Sapphire Undertow Dragon Laedis
9 Onyx Muckmire Dragon Icon Onyx Muckmire Dragon Wynnadia
10 Primal Wavecrasher Dragon Icon Primal Wavecrasher Dragon Laedis
11 Indigo Wavecrasher Dragon Icon Indigo Wavecrasher Dragon Laedis Nyrol's Nest
12 Lockjaw Icon 22 Lockjaw Puretia Tangaroa Abandoned Quarry
13 Undertow Icon Undertow Laedis Nyrol's Nest
14 Triumph Icon Triumph Wynnadia Corzine
15 Juvenile Thresher Dragon Icon Juvenile Thresher Dragon Satuma Flute
16 Vextide Icon Vextide Satuma Flute
17 Glacial Crushmaw Dragon Icon Glacial Crushmaw Dragon Wintertide
18 Finned Muckscale Dragon Icon Finned Muckscale Dragon Satuma Flute
19 Shady Scalebrand Dragon Icon Shady Scalebrand Dragon Laedis Gaesis' Roost
20 Stoic Stitchscale Dragon Icon Stoic Stitchscale Dragon Wynnadia Corzine
21 Scaled Deepsea Dragon Icon Scaled Deepsea Dragon Wynnadia
22 Blackblade Icon Blackblade Bakra Flute
23 Aqua Mudscale Dragon Icon Aqua Mudscale Dragon Laedis
24 Scaled Bloodboil Dragon Icon Scaled Bloodboil Dragon Inartia
25 Slinking Razormaw Dragon Icon Slinking Razormaw Dragon Bakra Flute
26 Cavern Slitherskin Dragon Icon Cavern Slitherskin Dragon Inartia Arjak Caves
27 Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon Wintertide Icon Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon Wintertide Torran Prison
28 Snapping Mudtongue Dragon Icon Snapping Mudtongue Dragon Sky Islands
29 Clearwater Aqua Dragon Icon Clearwater Aqua Dragon Sky Islands
30 Brightscale Thresher Dragon Icon Brightscale Thresher Dragon Sky Islands
31 Zartin Thresher Dragon Icon Zartin Thresher Dragon Olandra
32 Orinth Aquaflyer Dragon Icon Orinth Aquaflyer Dragon Olandra
33 Khalon Rockback Dragon Icon Khalon Rockback Dragon Olandra
34 Scarlet Feeler Icon Scarlet Feeler Olandra
35 Tamed Thresher Dragon Icon Tamed Thresher Dragon Satuma Flute
36 Pale Blue Icon Pale Blue Olandra
37 Stonewater Aqua Dragon Icon Stonewater Aqua Dragon Porthis Tyre Lake
38 Ancient Shadow Aqua Dragon Icon Ancient Shadow Aqua Dragon Marketplace Egg
39 Dragon Icon

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